How can you find one of my books? Check your local bookstore first, of course. (Click the red logo to find your own.) And if that doesn't work out, you're welcome to try my most excellent local bookstore, Boswell Books, which will place whatever book you want at your doorstep, no matter where you live: Boswell Book Company: (414) 332-1181;

Looking for an autographed copy? Again, try Boswell, above. They can easily make arrangements with me. (I’m in there all the time, it seems.)

Is Paris by the Book be available for preorder? Yes, and please do. (Visit your local bookstore -- the ISBN is 9781101986271 -- or see below to preorder a copy. And sign up for my email updates.)

And, of course, the folks at Amazon are always happy to help, even if you'd like, say, my novel The Cloud Atlas in Japanese. Visit Amazon's Liam Callanan Author Page for more in-depth information and to buy copies in hardcover, paperback or ebook formats.

I did my very first reading of my very first book at a Barnes & Noble store in downtown Washington, DC. The store is no longer around, alas, but I'm glad Barnes & Noble is.

This link takes you straight to the iBook for Paris by the Book, but Apple carries my other titles as well.