What is Poetry Everywhere?  
Not long after I moved to Milwaukee, I discovered that our local public transit system was one of the first in the country to be outfitted with onboard video displays. They display a variety of content--where the bus is going, what the weather's going to be, plus trivia, sports, and game shows.

I thought, some poetry would look great up there. I contacted Milwaukee Public Transit, TransitTV, filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein, docUWM productions, and the Poetry Foundation, and together, we put together a series of animated poetry films I'm very proud of. It's called Poetry Everywhere, and features poems from a variety of contemporary poets all animated by UWM students.

We now have more than 30 of these short films in circulation, featuring a wide variety of poetic and visual aesthetics.

The films now air around the country--and they may also be coming to your town (or cable channel) soon!
  • For more on this project, check out this fine coverage in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel or the Chicago Tribune.
  • To see the films, visit PBS, which has them all gathered conveniently on this page; alternatively, you can view them on the Poetry Foundation's YouTube Channel or at our iTunesU site. You can also click on the picture at left to see the specially-outfitted bus that visited our Milwaukee premiere.