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Set in past and present Alaska, The Cloud Atlas is narrated by a missionary who spent World War II chasing down one of Japans strangest weapons firebombs that silently crossed the Pacific, tethered to balloons. But its the people he found who haunt him longer: a Yupik Eskimo woman, a shaman, a boy.

In 1944-45, Louis Belk was a soldier, not a missionary, dispatched to find and dispose of these improbable weapons Fu-Go weapons, or Japanese balloon bombs and then keep them secret from an already anxious public.

But the mysteries confronting Louis only increase when he meets his superior officer a brutal veteran OSS spy hunter who knows all too well what the balloons can do and a Yupik Eskimo woman who claims she can see the future. Chasing after the ghostly, floating weapons, Louis embarks upon an adventure that will lead him into the vast tundra, to a discovery and a choice that will change the course of his life.