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3 1/2 out of 4 stars -- People ::  "bestowed with a truthful grace..." --Entertainment Weekly ::
"...caustic and funny..." --Los Angeles Times :: "Refreshing" -- Marie Claire ::
"enthralling..." --Seattle Times ::

"fascinating and thought-provoking" -- Washington Times :: "Luminous" -- Publishers Weekly ::
"A splendid book.... Book groups in particular would be remiss in passing up All Saints."
--The Capital Times

An Amazon Top 100 Seller

A Target Bookmarked Breakout Book

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What is on the cover of the hardback edition? It's proven to be a bit of a Rorschach test. Click the image to get a better view; then decide if you see the ocean, the hair, lips, eyes--
the face. The paperback cover (below) features, ironically, everything but a woman's face.

Set in a small, beachfront Catholic high school, narrated by a beautifully complex heroinetheology teacher Emily HamiltonAll Saints is at once a mystery, a love story, and a powerful rumination on secrets, temptation, and faith.

By lifes midpoint, Emily has seen three husbands, dozens of friends, and hundreds of students come and go. And now her classroom, long her refuge, is proving to be anything but.

Though her popular, occasionally irreverent church history course is rich with stories of long-dead saints, Emily uneasily discovers that its her own tumultuous life that fascinates certain students most. She, in turn, finds herself drawn into their world, their secrets, and the fateful choices they make.

A novel of mystery and illumination, calling and choice, All Saints explores lives lived in a fragile sanctuaryfrom Emily and her many saints, to a priest facing his own mortality and a teenager tormented by desire. Told with grace and compassion, this is a spellbinding novel of provocative storytelling.
  3.5/4 stars says People; "Luminous," says Publishers Weekly; "haunting and smooth and wise," adds Christopher Buckley; "...A splendid book," says The Capital Times, "Callanan's themes include faith, doubt and forgiveness, to name only a few, and his book is as perceptive about women as they come. Book groups in particular would be remiss in passing up All Saints."

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