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In brief: Liam Callanan lives and writes in the midwest, or more specifically, Milwaukee, where he teaches in the English department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Less brief: In addition to writing and teaching, Liam has regularly contributed to local and national public radio: WAMU 88.5 FM’s Metro Connection in Washington, DC, and has read a number of his essays on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

He’s also contributed to Slate, the New York Times Book Review, the Times’ op-ed page, the Washington Post Magazine, Forbes FYI, Parents and a number of other publications in locations ranging from Canada to Brazil. His short fiction has appeared in a variety of literary journals, including the Writers’ Chronicle, Crab Orchard Review, failbetter and Phoebe.

He received his BA in English from Yale University and a master’s, also in English, from Georgetown University. He completed his MFA in creative writing at George Mason University.

Q. Wasn't there a longer bio here before? It mentioned something about carving tomatoes.
A. Was there? Did it? (Oh, all right, it did. And it even linked to a description of me carving tomatoes (I'm a caterer's son.) Unfortunately, WAMU -- the radio station where the tomato carving piece first aired -- is reorganizing their online archives, so the link doesn't work at the moment. The best way to fill the time until it becomes active again is to purchase a copy of the book and read it.)



Banner photo is a detail
from a
National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration/
Department of Commerce
photo of the eye of a hurricane, from their photo library's
"Flying with NOAA" collection.

Author photo by Greg Martin.
(If you're wondering if that really looks like me, check out some of the
unprofessional shots in the Alaska scrapbook.).